Company Information

Last updated 21 December 2023

Description of Business

PipeHawk plc is a dynamic business offering advanced engineering solutions to challenging technical requirements across many industries.

QM Systems is a market leader in providing solutions and services for electronic system design and manufacture, test equipment, transfer systems and automation and assembly solutions to the automotive, aerospace, rail and other related industries. It specialises in providing full turnkey solutions for any automated assembly process.

Thomson Engineering Design produces an unparalleled range of machines, attachments and tools for railway track renewal and maintenance across the globe.

Adien is a leader in the field of utility detection and mapping. Its survey teams provide information that is critical in the design processes of almost all construction projects that involve breaking the ground.

Utsi Electronics is one of the global market leaders in ground probing radar technology with many applications including civil engineering and land mine detection. Our technology provides a superior detection of hidden underground objects and features, dramatically reducing risk, improving safety and saving substantial time and money during identification and excavation.

Wessex Precision Instruments is a leading manufacturer and service provider of specialist equipment to test the skid resistance characteristics of vehicle and pedestrian surfaces.

Powered by excellent people, the PipeHawk reputation is built on exceeding customer expectations and delivering innovative, cost effective quality solutions in all aspects of the business. Through our energetic, innovative and dynamic approach together with significant investment in R&D, we will continue to strengthen our market leading positions.

Country of Incorporation

PipeHawk is Incorporated in the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Main country of Operation

PipeHawk's main country of operation is the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Corporate Governance

The Board recognises the value and importance of high standards of corporate governance. Accordingly, the Board adopted the Corporate Governance Code (“the Code”) published by the Quoted Company Alliance (“QCA”) on 27th September 2018. The Company considers the principles within the code to be best practice, subject to their appropriateness given the size of the company and the composition of the Board.
The Board’s approach to addressing the key principles of the QCA Corporate Governance Code are set out here. Corporate Governance Disclosures

Admission Documents

October 2000 Memorandum and Articles of Association
 December 2000 AIM Admission Document.
 October 2000 Certificate of Incorporation