The e-Spott is an advanced ground Probing radar system designed specifically to measure the total bound layer depth of roads and other layered surfaces.

Once the operator has activated the system by pressing the one and only button, signals begin to be transmitted into the ground. These are reflected back to the surface from any discernable material change and automatic recognition software is applied to identify those signals returning from the first significant layer interface.

At the same time advanced signal processing determines the velocity of propagation within the first subsurface level and translates this into the depth reading. This all happens within 10 seconds of pressing the button and the reading is displayed for a further 10 seconds, allowing the operator ample time to record it if required.

Activation of any GPR system within the UK or EU is covered by regulation and in the UK a licence is also required.

The nature of the materials normally used to form the surface and binder layer of a highway have little effect on the e-Spott allowing it to distinguish between these and the base layer by their electromagnetic properties. This is possible where there is a significant difference between them.

The e-Spott system is a transmission device operating between 600MHz to 2.5GHz and conforms with all current European technical standards for GPR based devices and specifically EN 302 066-1.

Similar regulations may exist in other locations.


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Spot testing for road and layered surfaces.


Operation Unhindered by Parked Vehicles

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Result within Seconds




System marketed under worldwide licence from Utsi Electronics