PipeHawk plc is a dynamic business offering advanced engineering solutions to challenging technical requirements across many industries. 

We are the global market leader in ground probing radar technology with many applications including civil engineering and land mine detection. Our technology provides a superior detection of hidden underground objects and features, dramatically reducing risk, improving safety and saving substantial time and money during identification and excavation. 

Adien Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary, is a leader in the field of utility detection and mapping.  Its survey teams provide information that is critical in the design processes of almost all construction projects that involve breaking the ground. 

QM Systems, a division of PipeHawk PLC, is a market leader in providing solutions and services for electronic system design and manufacture, test equipment, transfer systems and automation and assembly solutions to the automotive, aerospace, rail and other related industries. 

Powered by excellent people our reputation is built on exceeding our customer’s expectations in delivering innovative, cost effective quality solutions in all aspects of our business. 

Through our energetic, innovative and dynamic approach together with our significant investment in R&D we will continue to strengthen our market leading positions.

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